Monthly Archives: September 2008

In the moment

Fall has always been a season of excitement for me.  It feels more like the new year to me than January 1st.  It could be the years of programming for “back to school” that I would associate with a new beginning.  New books, new classroom, and a whole new set of uncertainties that would usually bring a mixture of nerves and excitement.  Certainly I could always feel the energy in the air…and a warmth that comes from the glow of the sun as it changes angles in the sky.

It’s an especially exciting season for me this year as my life now includes an energetic and curious 3-year old boy.  It’s not particularly natural for me to “let go” and be in the moment, and this is exactly what I’m learning through his eyes.  It’s been about balancing between wanting control and just relaxing and enjoying things as they are and understanding that the future is born out of the present.  I find myself grateful to see  the world from a perspective I’ve long forgotten…pure, unassuming, and completely alive.


Attachment and resistance

Originally Posted:  June 26, 2008

Summer is here and so am I….what’s wrong with this picture?  I suppose I’m alluding to needing a little vacation.  There’s something about getting away that is very therapeutic, even if it’s just a road trip or camping in the mountains.  ahh, yes….well, perhaps I’ll have to create some time for a getaway.  For now, I’ll stay here and enjoy the summer activities such as the Utah Arts Festival, the Farmer’s Market, the Twilight Concert Series, lazing by the Steiner pool, and golfing (a more recent venture).

You may notice in my blogging that I reference the weather and the seasons.  I’ve always been aware of the rhythm of nature and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that each season brings.  You may notice how some people are attached to certain seasons and resist the change into the next one.  This is not unlike the seasons in our lives.  While we are eager to move into some phases of life, we resist entering into certain other phases.  It is this resistance that causes much suffering.  And, it is futile as nature will always win.  So fighting these changes or not is the difference between choosing to suffer or not.  If we let go of the old and embrace the new, we may find that there are aspects of this new phase to be enjoyed that you never experienced in past phases.  And it is theses very experiences that can inspire new creative expression.  For as we grow and learn, there are new things about ourselves and our experience of life to discover and express.   It is also in these new phases that we can more effectively reflect back perhaps better clarity…(hindsight).

Then there is always the impatience of waiting for the next season to come….same problem.  Resisting nature and what is happening will always create suffering.  Making plans for the future is a necessary task and can help the time pass, however, there comes a time when you must just allow the present to be what it is…and discover the enjoyment that you might be missing while you are too busy looking at the future.

Rhythms and patterns

Originally Posted:  April 2, 2008

Hello Spring! ….um….hello?  Okay, so Spring is taking its sweet time getting here this year.  Nature is unpredictable, and yet, it still maintains an overall rhythm.  We would do well to heed nature’s example and adhere to an overall rhythm in the way we maintain our lives.  While life tends to be unpredictable at times, it is wise to maintain good habits such as regular sleeping patterns, regular exercise and eating habits, and regular recreation and relaxation.  Just remember not to freak out if something gets in the way from time to time, just get back on track as soon as possible.  Recently, I’ve experienced an unpredictability as I caught some sort of virus/flu type thing.  I hate being sick and lament the limitations of my human body.  Then I surrender and as soon as I do, it makes things go a little smoother.  So, as we wait patiently (or not so patiently) for winter to uncover us from its heavy, cold blanket……take care of yourself.  Before you know it, the warmth will be too much to bear!

Staying grounded

Originally Posted: March 11, 2008

“In like a lion out like a lamb”….sounds like manic depression to me! Well, one thing’s for sure, March brings the winds of change and we have to hold on tight. As much as many of us are ready for Spring to be here, change is still change….and we are creatures of habit. So it’s natural to feel a little edgy as we make this transition. Not to mention, we just lost an hour last weekend…just like that. Amazing how relative time is…… important we make it that we construct our days, weeks, and entire lives around the ticking of the clock…when our true essence is timeless. Remember to take time to be present and experience your timeless essence.