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The End of the World….Again

ImageI can imagine a great number of things and have, at times, believed my imagination to be true.   Over time, I’ve learned to balance my inner and outer reality to come up with a fairly reasonable conclusion (though not perfect by any means).  So thankfully, I can understand that the end of a calendar doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a literal world.  Of course the earth will eventually come to an end.  Are we near the end?  I don’t know.  I’ve become comfortable knowing enough that I don’t have to know everything….most of the time anyway. Continue reading

Winter Reflection

candleThe earth is a bit distant from the sun this time of year and, as we are not separate from our environment, we can sense the difference in how we feel.  Since ancient times, people have gathered together, lit fires, and decorated their homes with foliage for a sense of warmth and connection during this season.  As we journey forward, it’s important to understand that it’s natural for things to slow down as we recede into winter. Though we may be “too busy” it’s good – at this time – to take a break to pause and reflect on the past year as we move forward into a new one.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Real Patch Adams

ImageOne of the biggest highlights of my life was “clowning” with the real Patch Adams.  I had the opportunity to coordinate the event “Living a Life of Joy” at Kingsbury Hall in May 2008.  It was fun to go around the University Hospital dressed up as clowns and see the smiles on the faces of the patients there.  (I removed my red nose as it got too itchy). I recollect the moment in this picture quite well as he was a bit sweaty from going all over the hospital and he thought it would be funny to squeeze a bit tighter for the photo!

You may remember Patch Adams from the movie starring Robin Williams. What you may not know is that, over the course of the last two decades, Patch has been on the road for 200-300 days of the year.  In 1985, he took a group of people on a clown trip to what was then the Soviet Union. Equipped with colorful clothing and compassion they visited hospitals, orphanages, homes for the elderly as well as just clowning on the street. Since then, these trips have been an integral part of Gesundheit´s global outreach.   Patch started the The Gesundheit! Institute, 40 years ago.  Continue reading