The End of the World….Again

ImageI can imagine a great number of things and have, at times, believed my imagination to be true.   Over time, I’ve learned to balance my inner and outer reality to come up with a fairly reasonable conclusion (though not perfect by any means).  So thankfully, I can understand that the end of a calendar doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a literal world.  Of course the earth will eventually come to an end.  Are we near the end?  I don’t know.  I’ve become comfortable knowing enough that I don’t have to know everything….most of the time anyway.

Different Worlds

I’ve determined that the end of the world happens frequently.  To me the “world” is an “existence” in time and space.  There’s my world and your world.  There are seasons like winter when the world of autumn comes to an end.  The leaves are gone, trees are bare and the snow has covered everything.  But a new world of winter has started and will come to an end when the world of Spring is here.

The end of the world happens everyday when we go to sleep at night and today becomes yesterday and we head into a new world of tomorrow.  Someone told me that she was concerned that her son can’t decipher time very well.  He counts days in yesterdays and tomorrows.  Instead of “how many days until…?”….  it’s “how many tomorrows?”.  He’s 5 years old and, of course, he will have to sometime learn about a calendar and clock.  But I can understand his thinking.  For some people, the world ended a long time ago because they continue to exist in yesterday and can’t let it go.  For others, the only world that exists is today.   If we could have parallel worlds, we would remember and learn from the past, apply the knowledge today, and hope and plan for the future.

Transitioning Worlds

So what does December 21, 2012 mean to me?  From what I’ve researched, for the Mayans, it’s the end of a 5125 year pattern and a new pattern begins.  The same is true for us on New Year’s Eve, but it’s the end of a 12-month pattern.  We look back at the year, learn and accept it for what it was, say goodbye and resolve to apply that knowledge as we move into the new year with new hopes and plans.

If this is the Mayan “new year” we’re looking back a looooooong way into the past and evaluating the things that have occurred in humanity over this period of time….there’s a lot to look at over the period of thousands of years.  If we can really evaluate this time period, learn from it and resolve to move forward applying the knowledge we’ve gained, well…that would be the end of a world as we’ve known it…and I’m quite optimistic about that idea.

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