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You’re So Insensitive! (Sensitivity Part 2)

As promised, here’s my post for those of you who find yourselves on the lower end of the sensitivity spectrum that I will refer to as Low Sensitivity People (LSP).  Now, I have to make a disclaimer and tell you that I can’t find much information out there about LSP types in regard to a “physical” nervous system difference, so this will be based on personality temperament theory and my own interpretation.  I will also mention that you LSP types are more likely to come across this post because your more sensitive friend or family member would like you to see that you have your challenges also, since many of you often think you’re just fine as you are and that others are just being “too sensitive” (see the last post) :).  And, no doubt, you do have your strengths.  Let me start with these first – (hold on sensitive ones, I’ll get to the challenges soon).   Continue reading