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Eyes: Windows to the Soul and….Key in Unlocking Negative Emotions

ImageHow many of you – just for the heck of it – randomly dart your eyes around, back and forth, up and down or diagonally?  Most of us don’t unless we’re dreaming and having REM sleep.  Research has found that this rapid eye movement, that occurs in our sleep, plays a significant role in processing and storing information.  It’s like we have a built-in computer processor that runs a program every night to clear out unnecessary files and store what is needed.  Though human beings are more complex than computers, our brain operates as a central processing unit and our organs are attached through nerves, just as computer components are attached by wires.  If you try to load too many files on your computer, or the wires are worn down, the computer can slow down, freeze up, or just shut down completely.   Continue reading


You’re Too Sensitive! (Sensitivity Part 1)

How many of you have heard the comment “oh…you’re just too sensitive”?  So, in addition to feeling hurt, you’re left to think that there is something wrong with you.  What is sensitivity?  The answer to that has a lot to do with your nervous system.  According to Elaine Aron, Ph.D in “The Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP), research shows that approximately 20 percent of the population has a highly sensitive physical nervous system.  If this isn’t you, just imagine wearing your nerves on the outside of your skin.  I am sure, like many other things, sensitivity has a spectrum ranging from very low to very high, with those on the extreme ends having varying degrees of difficulty in experiencing the world around and within themselves.  In this post, I will discuss those who find themselves on the highly sensitive end of the spectrum. Continue reading